Daily practice for the 100 day project: (2017)

The project is great for instilling discipline of daily practice.  This year, partly because we are in the midst of a big move,  I decided to work on one long non-objective abstract scroll drawing for the 100 days.  



It goes where it goes.



Watercolor, pen and ink on paper, size TBD.

Deasil Works: Illustrations for Huddle Game

Well....that was fun.



I was commissioned for this cool project for an interactive agency's promotional card game, called Huddle.


I was asked to create over 50 illustrations of agency characters for the card deck,

with funky personalities and fun/janky faces. 



A few fun drawings from The 100 day project 2016 -exploring line and form -  watercolor and pen and ink on archival papers and yupo.

He was my favorite... RIP Gene Wilder  8-29-2016
He was my favorite... RIP Gene Wilder 8-29-2016

because cats....

I'm a crazy cat lady who doesn't have a cat.